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“the brAIn” is a free weekly newsletter and ongoing resource that lays out the transformational power, promise and perils of generative AI, and gives you concrete tools and exclusive insider “news you can use” to take action and turn perils into exciting new possibilities. Of course, media-AI/tech expert Peter Csathy keeps it real and calls some people and companies out. But he does it only as a “call to arms” to ultimately prioritize humanity over technology.

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“the “brAIn” comes from the mind of Peter Csathy of Creative Media, and also features contributions from the curated brains of other leading experts in the space. You can follow Peter and his daily posts on LinkedIn.

About Peter Csathy and his legal services and business representation & advisory firm Creative Media

Peter’s perspective is pretty unique. He’s been in the worlds of tech-forward media and entertainment for over 30 years and has worn just about every hat - first, after graduating from Harvard Law, as an entertainment and IP lawyer at major firms; then as a studio and media dealmaker and general counsel at Universal Studios with over $3 billion of transactions under his belt; then as a serial media-tech CEO and entrepreneur leading several pioneering companies with successful exits.

He ties it all together at his firm Creative Media, which offers deep networking access, dealmaking, revenue generation, cost-effective (and cost reducing) legal services, and overall market intelligence.

Reach out to Peter at peter@creativemedia.biz.

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Media, entertainment, AI & tech expert, dealmaker, consultant, lawyer, speaker, writer. Serial CEO with several exits. Former GC at Universal. Negotiator of $4+ billion in deals. Chairman, Creative Media (creativemedia.biz). Harvard Law graduate.